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The Egyptian Engineering Company mission is to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our manufacturing division’s customers by providing top quality custom fabricated steel products in a safe and timely manner. We endeavor to continually increase our production capacities and capabilities through innovative use of leading edge engineering and production technologies.
We strive to provide our field services division’s clientele with the highest levels of quality on-site service achievable. We are committed to completing our projects on time and within budget while maintaining the highest levels of employee and client safety at all times.

Pressure Vessels :
We offer the most extensive dished heads cold forming and shell rolling capabilities in the Middle East. We specialize in the fabrication of large-scale pressure vessels components and feature some of the largest steel forming capacities available. Our forming capabilities range up to (32) mm in thickness for pressure vessel heads, and up to (30) mm in thickness for pressure vessel shells. Heads are formed up to(6000) mm in diameter for Torispherical dished head and up to 4500 for Semi-Elliptical (2:1) dished head.
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Dished Heads :
Our dishing equipment is press + manipulator 600 ton capacity and Flanging Machine, enables us to cold form dished heads beginning from (900) mm up to (6000) mm in diameter and beginning from (8) mm up to (32) mm in thickness.
Heads can be formed from our own steel 

plate “Carbon steel and stainless steel” 

inventory, from special material we order 

in (such as clad plate) or from customer 

supplied materials.

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Water Hammer Protection System:
A water supply system is subjected to water hammer whenever there is a change in steady state condition such as pump stoppage, pump startup or valve closure.
As a system changes from one steady state condition to another there is a transient change in flow and pressures as the system settles to the final steady state condition.
The magnitude of transient pressures (or water hammer) and the time duration of the transient condition depends on the flow rate velocity, pipeline material and the system boundary conditions such as tanks, pumps, air valves, control valves and changes in pipeline diameter, the water hammer is a phenomenon generally known in the water industry.
So we make a comprehensive analysis for all the system components and their interaction by our “surge analysis software” to investigation suppress transient pressures to acceptable limit and avoid high pressure in water pipe line.
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Pressure Sand Filter :
Pressure filters are available in either manual or automatic models.
Manual model (FM – Series) is equipped with 5 manual butterfly or ball control valves. The valves actuate the filter in service, backwash and rinse modes. A name plate is fixed to the face of the filter to indicate valves position in each mode. 
Automatic type (FA-Series) is equipped with 5 hydraulic automatically controlled diaphragm valves. The diaphragm valves are controlled by the filter automatic control system.The automatic control system and the diaphragm valves actuates the filter automatically in service, backwash and rinse modes. The filter tank in a welded construction fabricated from carbon steel
(by special order from S.S. 304 or S.S. 316).

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Water Treatment :
EEC is specialized in designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning and training for maintenance of drinking water supply water treatment plants.
The technical department of the company, enjoys vast experience in this sector. It designs the equipment best adapted to the project specific requirements, optimizing costs with the right technology.
EEC has an important international experience in the field of drinking water supply.
EEC manufactures compact water treatment plants, designed in containerized treatment modules, easy to transport and install and with very simple maintenance procedures.
These equipment are a good solution for urgent water supply needs, supplying to locations with different access or economic problems or for provisional works locations.
EEC manufactures standard models, offering maximum quality and optimized cost, for the following capacities 25, 50, 100, 200 and 300 m3/ h.
EEC compact water treatment plant designs are standard; however these can be modified, in order to meet project specific requirements.

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Address : 6th of October City, Expansion of Industrial Zone No.(6), Parcel No.(139), Cairo, Egypt

Working Hours : Sunday to Thursday from 9:00 AM to 5 PM

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